I collect my fears in tins

I am pretty sure that everybody collect stuff, any kind of stuff. But when I asked myself the question, I was totally uninspired. I used to collect an unbelievable amount of useless things like plastic bags, used tube tickets, plane tickets, stickers… But I haven’t updated those precious collections for years now…Today, the only thing I collect is fears. Seriously, I am scared of everything, my bedroom door’s noise, dogs (even the little ones), the wind, escalators…

I decided to imprison them in to become the girl who isn’t afraid of anything, to become a brave girl.

Just the opposite of who I am.


4 thoughts on “I collect my fears in tins

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  1. saut mon lapin!! pas mal du tout ce petit blog je reconnais bien là tes dessins mais avec un zest de quelque chose d’encore meilleur!!! bon allé t’as gagné le droit d’être en lien sur le mien!!! fais-en de même!!!
    et embrasse tes fesses de ma part!

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