Family life.

Images and quotes form the fanzine “Family life”


I collect my fears in tins

I am pretty sure that everybody collect stuff, any kind of stuff. But when I asked myself the question, I was totally uninspired. I used to collect an unbelievable amount of useless things like plastic bags, used tube tickets, plane tickets, stickers… But I haven’t updated those precious collections for years now…Today, the only thing I collect is fears. Seriously, I am scared of everything, my bedroom door’s noise, dogs (even the little ones), the wind, escalators…

I decided to imprison them in to become the girl who isn’t afraid of anything, to become a brave girl.

Just the opposite of who I am.

For a new year,a blog…What a miracle

Happy new year everyone

FINALLY I have a blog,this is pretty unbelivable

I hope you will enjoy my work

This first picture is from a little book I made for a school project

It is about a really weird meerkat…

Have a nice trip with my drawings :)