Cool Parisian Bookshops


Little project I have done in collaboration with Superminimaps.


Ohh Deer! competition

I just entered the Ohh Deer! competition. If you like my designs and wants to see them in Papershase, Urban Outfitters or Scribbler then please vote for them so they can get noticed :)

“Un livre qui fait du bien”

“A book that does good”

Affiche sans logo libraire

Poster design and help in the visual campaign development for a French operation in partnership with independents French booksellers (Les libraires ensembles) and a Hospital Charity (Les Blouses Roses). Organised by “Bureau a côté” an Events & Communication company, the purpose of this event was to raise money for the charity by selling books in order to entertain patients in hospitals and bring them smile into their lives.


Sticker design for each book contributing to the operation. Each book bought gave 1€ to the charity.

Promo video for the operation directed by Bureau a côté.