Meet Emily, she’s cool!

She’s going to Tokyo with this pretty awesome travel guide.

Order your copy now as it’s limited to 50 copies and only until 10th September!


What’s in a pack then?

Travel pack.jpg

I have until the 10th of September to sell 50 copies so please share and contribute to this wonderful project :)

Thank you!

I need you!


Bonjour everyone, exciting news!

I’ve just launched 2 travel packages for Lisbon & Tokyo. To print them I need a minimum 50 pre-orders of each before the 10th of September.

So please please order your copy now and as a thank you you’d get a complimentary postcard and a lovely early backer price of £14 instead of £17.

Please share this to anyone who likes travelling, art and fun.

THANK YOU so much you are awesome!

What is holding you when launching a business?

Last week I attended the free workshop “Are You Running Your Business or Is Your Business Running You? , BUSINESS MASTERY WORKSHOP” with motivational speaker, PA JOOF and woman entrepreneur, the Baroness Michelle Mone.

I must say I learnt quite a bit about self-motivation when launching my business.


This event is very useful if you’re thinking to launch your company or if you’re stuck at some stage of it to give you tips and motivation.

I highly recommend to attend their other session in London, on the 4th of June.

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